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The Small Little Gifts Of Nature

Kinjal Jain, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous),

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


In the form of creatures,

possessing special features,

Simply mesmerizing with its unique luster,

Few are found alone but others prefer cluster,

We notice their presence Mostly on an adventure,

Try to save them forever with just one click of a picture,

Perhaps, my friend, they are not so easy to capture,

That’s why artists make their portraiture,

We learn about them in literature and lecture,

Where the most difficult thing seems to be its nomenclature,

Blessed by atypical combination of color,

The tiny shiny spots appear clear and brighter,

Some are prey, some are predators,

Some inhabit air, some are found underwater,

No matter where they are they just illuminate the atmosphere,

And when you witness it, you’d believe in the Magic Of Nature!

Yes, you guessed it right

They are our friends - bioluminescent creatures,

Indeed they are the small little Gifts of Nature!!

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