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Some call it MAGIC, some call it SCIENCE

Ms Pranjali Shah

The Somaiya School,

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Magic says, Hey! I can make things fly

Science says, hot air always rises high

Magic talks about the twinkling stars in the sky

Science chases questions like how, where and why

Magic says I can make time go slow or fast

Science says time is relative, enjoy it while it lasts!

Magic says I can heal wounds, give diseases a cure

Science says that’s biology doing its part for sure

If you always draw within the lines,

You will neither find magic nor find science

Who knows what you can discover if you explore

Experiment, go open a new door

Maybe fictional and factual have a common ground

There is so much to learn about, just look around

So science or magic whatever its name,

They may be very different, but maybe a little same…


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Stoems are stories + poems, a compilation of poems with simple views on complex thoughts...and a 14-year-old's experiences. Please do follow for more!

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